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Where to fish in Charente-Maritime ? The best places !

The best place to fish?

Without a doubt, Saintes and its surroundings!

You are passionate about fishing, amateur or confirmed?

You are in the right place!

The Originals Access Saintes Ouest Recouvrance hotel is ideally located in Saintes, between the Charente River, the Seugne River and some bodies of water.
The ideal opportunity to fish in preserved places.

So grab your fishing rods and go on an adventure on an incredible playground for fishermen!

Our team has drawn up a selection of its favorite fishing spots along the Charente River, near our hotel:

Les Gonds, Bussac-sur-Charente, Chaniers, Dompierre-sur-Charente, Saint-Sever-de-Saintonge, Rouffiac, or Brives-sur-Charente, are the excellent fishing spots, which we particularly like.

Only 7 km to 21 km separate these privileged places from our establishment!

So, what kind of fishing can we do in these little corners of paradise? And what fish can we discover?

  • Street fishing in the city of Saintes:
    You will discover many mullets, along the quays.
  •  White fish fishing:
    Go and meet bleak, bouvier, roach, rotengles, common bream and bordelières, tench, chub and carass.
  • Carp fishing at night.
    A little secret well kept by the locals: catching a 25 kg carp is not rare here!
  • Fishing for carnivorous fish:
    Catfish, pike, pike-perch, perch and black-bass, are particularly present in Chaniers.
Of course, that's not all! Many other fish are to be discovered!


Would you like to discover other fishing spots in Charente? Come here 👇

https://www.saintes-tourisme.fr/ (Page only in French).

So don't wait any longer, come and stay at our hotel The Originals Access Saintes Ouest Recouvrance, for a moment of absolute tranquility!

You will be able to combine restful nights, moments of calm while fishing alone or convivial moments as a couple, with friends or with family!
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