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Visit of the thermal baths of Saint-Saloine in Charentes-Maritime

During your stay or weekend in Charentes-Maritime, discover the thermal baths of Saint-Saloine

The Thermes de Saint-Saloine are the remains of one of the many thermal baths that Saintes had in Roman times. Dating from the third quarter of the 1st century AD, they played an important role in social life at that time.

Built on approximately 8,000m2, we only know today a part of these vestiges: the southeast third. Nevertheless, what remains allows us to discover part of the caldarium area, otherwise known as the hot bath.

A little history...

The symbolism of the Baths is great. Indeed, they stood out at the time by a new art of living, which linked relaxation, hygiene but also the symbol of social life. The inhabitants came there to enjoy libraries, spaces to relax but also to spend time in the stores.

The inhabitants who spent a moment in the thermal baths were dressed only in a towel. The bodies were soaked in oil, sports were practiced, and then it was time to relax in the caldarium, a warm and humid room. Once the body sweated enough,
the inhabitants ended up in the frigidarium, a cold room ideal for firming up the skin.

With the passing of time, these thermal baths, which are located in a relatively out-of-the-way district, were gradually abandoned and then transformed into a necropolis from the 3rd century onwards.

At the time, there was an early Christian sanctuary dedicated to Saint Saloine, which unfortunately fell into ruin in the 16th century.

If you wish to discover the Thermal Baths today, you can admire the retaining walls of the hot baths room, in its raw state without any power or heating system.

This place testifies to the way of life in Saintes in ancient times as well as to its topographical evolution.

Organize your stay in Saintes in Charente-Maritime

To take advantage of the visit of the Thermes de Saint-Saloines and of the tourism of the region, our Hotel Saintes Recouvrance located at only 7 minutes by car allows you to organize a stay in all peace with its rooms any comfort. Do not hesitate to consult our availabilities and book directly at the best rate!
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