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Saintes Ouest Recouvrance
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Hotel The Originals Access Saintes Ouest Recouvrance
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Take advantage of your stay at The Originals Access Hotel Saintes Ouest Recouvrance to discover the rich heritage of Saintes.

Set off on a journey to the heart of the historical heritage of Saintes, City of Art and History.

Saintes has a rich heritage which is reflected in its ancient monuments.

The remains of a prestigious Roman city

Among the monuments of the first century AD, we invite you to discover the Arch of Germanicus and the Amphitheatre, which once held 20,000 spectators!

The blossoming of Romanesque art

Three Romanesque churches reveal the history of the town in the early Middle Ages:
  • the Abbaye aux Dames of the 11th century, whose facade is richly sculpted
  • the austere Église Saint-Pallais 12th and 13th century
  • the Église Saint-Eutrope, classified by UNESCO, offers a spiritual and meditative atmosphere and is one of the largest crypts in Europe. It was founded in 1096 for the pilgrims on their way to Santiago de Compostela.

Between conservation and valorisation of history

To learn more about Saintes, you can visit several museums:
  • the Archaeological Museum presents a large collection of Gallo-Roman archaeological objects
  • the Dupuy-Mestreau Museum is devoted to regional culture (furniture, costumes and jewellery)
  • the Musée de l'Echevinage presents a collection of sculptures, ceramics (including Sèvres porcelain) and paintings from the 15th to the 20th century
Arc de Germanicus Saintes
Hotel The Originals Access
Saintes Ouest Recouvrance
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